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Come Visit this  Very Special DC-3 Exhibit

Only a handful of movable items--cable cars of San Francisco, a few streetcars in New Orleans and this immaculate DC-3--reside on the nation's National Register of Historic Places, This historic aircraft is now in The Texas Air and Space Museum in Amarillo, Texas.

The world knew models of this aircraft by many names--Dakota, Gooney Bird, Skytrain--but the soul of this historic and famous aircraft is a Douglas DC-3.  





Air Force B-17

Coming to Texas Air & Space Museum


The public is invited to come out to Texas Air & Space Museum at 10001 American Drive, at Amarillo International Airport.



DC-3 Information



At 11:30 AM February 13, 2014,

DC-3 tail number N34 made a low pass over runway 22, circled above the city of Amarillo, returned to the airport, landed on runway 4 and taxied to its final home--the Texas Air & Space Museum presently located inside the

English Field Aviation hangar

10001 American Drive

Amarillo, Texas


News Channel 10 Story


Come and see N34--now

on display and available for tours.


Need directions to the English Field Aviation hangar? Click 'Visit" above.

Photo courtesy FAA


January 30, 2014


Aircraft listed on the nation's

National Register of

Historic Places

finds new home in Amarillo, Texas


The Texas Air & Space Museum in Amarillo, Texas is the new home for one of the world's most important aviation legends. Beginning February 15,, 2014, N34--one of more that 10,000 Douglas DC-3/C-47 variants built around the world--is now available for the world to see in Amarillo, Texas.

Please click more info below left to learn more about this historic aircraft. Click the other tabs at the top of this web page to see how the Texas Air & Space Museum is helping to inspire with science and technology the young and once-young of the area, state and the nation. And, please, click Donate below to help Texas Air & Space Museum build the DC-3 a home. (In addition to providing a temporary home for this national treasure, the Texas Air & Space Museum is committed to providing a suitable permanent home. We need your help. Please consider your generous donation to help us build the DC-3 a home that will excite and inspire museum visitors from the area, state, nation and world.)

Texas Air & Space Museum...

...sharing the wonder of the heavens and

the inventions that take us there.

Photo courtesy Bryan Hoggatt

For more information about this historic aircraft click more info. (This will open a new browser window and take you to the US National Park Service website. Close that window to return here.)


Yes, I want to help build the DC-3 a home.



Help build the DC-3 a home that not only honors this historic aircraft but also creates memorable experiences for visitors from the area, state, nation and world.


For many years after retiring this aircraft from service, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) displayed this historic aircraft at aviation events around the nation. This stately monument of aviation history is available for viewing at the Texas Air & Space Museum in Amarillo, Texas.


Texas Air & Space Museum gratefully acknowledges the support of English Field Aviation and Tac Air.


  • See our aircraft, explore the heritage of aviation, enjoy the wonders of flight.
  • Join with us as we explore the past and anticipate the future of flight.
  • We solicit the support of aviation enthusiasts around the state, nation and world. Come share with us the power, the marvels and the beauty of flight.
  • Our board, our members and our supporters encourage you to enjoy this premier air and space museum. Witness our passion.




Sharing the wonder of the heavens and the inventions that take us there.

Special! Special!

Texas Air & Space Museum

acquires property and begins land use study. Click "News" and read more.


Restoration Project of

Bobby Speed's 'Beercat'

Our Mission is to educate all generations through a hands-on experience in restoring and preserving aircraft, bringing them to the highest museum standards. We work on Fridays from 11am - 3pm. Please visit the office or contact the Museum at 806-335-9159 for more information.

North American P-51D Mustang

A great fighter/escort aircraft of World War II.


Grumman C-11A

N946NA Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA)

NASA astronaut training aircraft.



de Havilland C-7 Caribou

Viet Nam era troop/cargo carrier. (Student gives her camera to the Amarillo Mayor and asks him to take a group photo.)



Bobby Speed "Beercat"

Built in Adrian, Texas by Bobby Speed

and flown by Bobby in six

National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada


North American P-51D Mustang

Our mission is twofold--to inspire youth of the Texas Panhandle in pursuit of careers in science and technology, and, to assemble, document and share the aviation history of the area, state, nation and world.


Beech T-34B Mentor


Military trainer - museum restoration project - on display in Pampa, Texas awaiting display space at the Amarillo, Texas museum facility.



History Presentation

Jack Casey and Kaleb Thomason sharing aviation history with Amarillo Genealogical Society. (Click 'Early Years' above and then click 'Airports' to see more.)

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star

Awaiting transport to museum



Aviators of the past remembered,

aviators of the future inspired.


Inspiring tomorrow's leaders

one student at a time.

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