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The Early Years - Golden Spread Historical Aviation - English Field Collection - Jack Casey






Flanked by fellow Marines

Viet Nam 1968


Capt. Jack Casey (USMC, ret) 

For 25 years, in various parts of the US and in Viet Nam, Captain Casey served in the US Marine Corp as Motor Transport Officer, Safety Officer and Fire Marshall. Following his service in the Marines, at the Marine Corp Amphibious Vehicle Museum in Camp Pendleton, California, Captain Casey participated in the restoration of US and foreign military vehicles. Later, at the English Field Air & Space Museum, he served as procurement officer, equipment maintenance officer and facilities maintenance officer. He currently works with the Texas Air & Space Museum as the museum's Historian.

Captain Casey has spent hundreds of hours studying the history of aviation in the Golden Spread, an area that includes most of the cities and towns within a one hundred mile radius of Amarillo, Texas. Capt. Casey has interviewed many aviation pioneers or their descendents; scoured the country searching for descendents of local aviation pioneers; collected hundreds of aviation-related newspaper articles spanning nearly one hundred years; and assembled a massive collection of photographs, personal letters, brochures, postcards; and other memorabilia.

Although "Golden Spread Historical Aviation - English Field Collection" spans a half century and parts of six states, it revolves around the efforts in the 1920s and '30s of the dynamic aviation pioneer and entrepreneur Harold English whose inspiration touches the nation and the world. The Texas Air & Space Museum is honored to work with Captain Casey and to share the Golden Spread Aviation - English Field Collection with aviation enthusiasts around the world.

Every two years, Captain Casey joins with fellow Viet Nam veterans to discuss the country and a world that was changed by their valiant efforts more than 50 years ago.  


7th Motor Transport Reunion Amarillo, Texas 2012



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