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Aviators of the past remembered,
aviators of the future inspired.


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Volunteers at the Texas Air & Space Museum...

Yes, you are qualified! And, you are needed.

Ten to twenty years from now, when the Texas Air & Space Museum is drawing thousands of I-40 visitors per year, displaying over 100 air and space exhibits, and providing a career boost to every Panhandle youngster who gets the opportunity to "witnesses our passion," you'll be able to recall the days in 2013 when the Texas Air & Space Museum was only a dream, had no home, parked its four aircraft on borrowed land and had only one thousand visitors per year. Now is the time to join us as we build a monument to the past and future of air and space technology.

What kind of volunteers do we need?


These are experienced pilots, aircrew members, mechanics, hobbyists, past or present service men and women, past or present airline employees, past or present aviation workers of any kind, and, just a few of us who are plain and simple aviation nuts. You'll lead tour groups through the museum, or, you'll just remain in a specific area to answer questions and make visitors to Amarillo feel at home. (Need training? We've got that too.)

Office workers

These people can be aviation know it alls, aviation know nothings, or people right in the middle. These people just have a desire to contribute to the success of the museum while rubbing shoulders with not only dozens of aviation-savvy volunteers, but, also with the thousands of aviation enthusiasts who, in the year 2012, came to the museum from twenty-two states and eleven foreign countries. These people just want to see Amarillo visitors leave the city with some of the best memories of their trip. You will welcome guests, open mail, answer the telephone and keep the office lights burning.

Aircraft Restorers

These people know or want to know more about air and space technology inside and out. You can lead or join a team that is restoring an aircraft to museum display quality, or, you can help restore a flyer that will soon take to the skies once again. Experience optional. Enthusiasm required!

Grounds Maintenance

Can you spend one day each week or even one day each month helping folks much like yourself make sure that the museum looks attractive to out of town guests? The museum needs all kinds of volunteers that can respond on a schedule or respond 'on call' to help keep the Texas Air & Space Museum looking "world class." You can help. Just ask.

When do volunteers work?

Volunteers work whenever they're able. Some work one to five days each week. Some work one to ten days each month. Some respond only when needed to help out with scheduled group tours. Some come in on a specific schedule or they just come in when called. And, aircraft restoration work can take place when the specific aircraft team can establish suitable times that work for all team members. There's a time and place for everyone. 

So, are you needed?

Yes, you certainly are needed and, yes, you do have qualifications that can contribute to the success of the Texas Air & Space Museum. Call the museum and ask questions. And, check this website regularly to learn about current and specific needs for volunteers. 

Be part of an important group of people that are helping Amarillo become a better place to live, work and visit. Be a volunteer at the Texas Air & Space Museum.

 Please call 806-335-9159 or send an email to texasairandspacemuseum@gmail.com


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