Texas Air & Space Museum

Aviators of the past remembered,
aviators of the future inspired.


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About us...

Texas Air & Space Museum's goal is to establish and maintain a premier aviation museum to honor the servicemen, servicewomen, aviators and astronauts of northwest Texas and to provide the youth of this five state area an opportunity to see and touch the technology of tomorrow's world. The museum's board includes the most experienced and dedicated aviation professionals in the Amarillo and Texas Panhandle regions, and they bring with them a dedication to country and freedom that has its beginnings prior to World War II.

Texas Air & Space Museum (TASM) board members have demonstrated a hope to “plant trees under which they may never sit to enjoy the shade” - exhibiting selfless dedication to this effort. In doing so, they have borrowed on the better parts of past efforts regionally in order to bring to northwest Texas a museum of national prominence.

TASM plans to include air shows, aviation events, locally supported gatherings, events with Boy and Girl Scouts, Big Brothers /Big Sisters, Civil Air Patrol, Commemorative Air Force, Boys Ranch and Girls Town, to name but a few.

While much is known about the dedication or service records of TASM's board members, modesty precludes sharing some of the cost with which our freedom came. One of our board members is Florene Miller Watson.

In the late 1930's, Florene Miller Watson's father purchased a Luscombe Silvaire airplane to teach his two sons and daughter to fly. His neighbors and the community expressed concern at this unusual act. He responded to them that we would be at war and he wanted his children to be able to contribute to the effort.

The children did learn, and as adults, they contributed greatly to the war effort in helping to preserve our freedom. That “sacrifice” cost Mr. Miller and one son their lives in that same aircraft before the war began. But, one of his children, Florene Miller Watson, "qualified for the original Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron, later known as the Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). In January, 1943, she was made Commanding Officer over the WASP stationed at Love Field, Dallas, Texas. Watson later served as a test pilot, and, in 1944, tested radar equipment before its general use in the war. By the time the war was over, Watson had flown every kind of aircraft used by the Air Corp except for the B-29."*

We do not want to forget those, nor the many sacrifices made by the men, women, and families on the ground, in the air, and in space for the freedoms and opportunities that we, as Americans, and many other countries enjoy today. The sacrifices of these and countless others, plus the rich histories and dreams of northwest Texas, need to be chronicled and made available to future generations and a grateful nation.

The Texas Air & Space Museum will now provide a full range of services tailored to the vintage, warbird and collectible aircraft owner. Aircraft purchased as investments, restorations, maintenance, care and display of rare aircraft can all be managed "under one roof."

* from Ardmore Army Air Field and Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette Aviation Art Store.


Individuals and organizations

that help make the Texas Air & Space Museum great


Visitors from forty-four Texas cities, twenty-two U.S. states and seven foreign countries gratefully thank:


English Field Aviation Tac Air Best Buy
Joe & Arlene Pool John & Sallie Skaggs Sam's
The Family of Bobby Speed Hudson Flight Ltd NASA
Home Depot Wilborn Bros Jack Rude

...and all of the wonderful volunteers that donate their time and effort to fulfill the museum's mission...

aviators of the past remembered, aviators of the future inspired.

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