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Donation opportunities...

Don't care to become a member now? Donations to the Texas Air & Space Museum, a 501(c)(3) organization, qualify as charitable donations for the donor under Internal Revenue Code. TASM welcomes your aviation and/or space-related donations as well as donations in honor of a person's retirement, birthday, anniversary or special favor. Because TASM is a growing museum, donations of computers, office equipment, furniture, display cases and equipment, etc. are often needed and always welcome. Please see additional donation opportunities below.


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A message from the Board

There are many donation and support opportunities for many organizations and charities; you can support humanitarian efforts, education, the arts, and a host of worthy causes. We support and encourage your interest in each of those. If our efforts can support your efforts, or if we can join hands to co-sponsor events, please visit with us regarding how we can help. We commit, not only, to preserve, educate and inspire with regard to aviation and space both in times of war and peace, but we also commit to record some of the history of those who gave no less of their lives in support of “duty to God and county” here at home and abroad. We believe these efforts deserve and merit some of your attention as well.

When you give a donation, you should expect to be making a “good investment.” Therefore, we encourage you to review  our record of stewardship regarding in excess of two million dollars of value and donations that we received during our first three years, and, we welcome the opportunity to visit with you and explore areas where your donation can make a significant difference. Whether with pictures, artifacts, contributions of a single dollar or significantly more, your donations and volunteer efforts do make a difference. Please consider some of the following opportunities:

Donation opportunities

  • Our greatest asset is our people. We welcome your donation of your time as a volunteer or, as equally beneficial, we welcome the benefit of your experience that can help guide our museum efforts. There is an immediate need for those with professional skills, trade skills or just a desire to help. (Please see our volunteer and membership page).

  • Educational programs with local schools, colleges and correspondent programs are now in place and contribute to our goal of working with students now and inspiring coming generations. Please call for more information.

Museum collections and donations

  • We continually seek to improve our historical collections. We welcome photographs, especially those accompanied by a biography of a family member or loved one. And, we treasure medals, uniforms, newspaper clippings or simply written memories of the world we all share. All items will be displayed for all to see or archived for research; these shared memories will not die.

  • We are always interested, of course, in augmenting our collections. Any ideas or memories you may have regarding aviation history and/or lost aircraft are solicited and welcome and may someday contribute to our aircraft research, recovery and display efforts. Please share those ideas.

Existing aircraft

  • Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star Korean War Era jet fighter/trainer. The museum has been generously gifted this wonderful aircraft. Costs to bring this aircraft home are about $5,500. Some materials and transportation has already been offered. You can help.

  • Beech Navy T-34B Mentor Vietnam Era to present day trainer for all branches of the military. The museum received this wonderful aircraft from the US Navy. The aircraft is in local storage awaiting display space. Outstanding transportation costs equal approximately $3,000. Aircraft will be on display during restoration. You can help with donations in time or money.

  • North American P-51D Mustang WWII bomber escort. The museum has enjoyed the benefit of having a legendary and rare on-loan P-51D Mustang for display. The airplane flies regularly and is an excellent exceptional example of one of the nation's most revered fighters. Although the aircraft owner generously makes this aircraft available for viewing by museum patrons, the aircraft is for sale, and, if sold, would leave the museum. Your generous contribution toward the museum's acquisition (or your purchase) of this great aircraft, would insure that it remains, for all of the people of the Texas Panhandle, an example of this nation's finest hour.

  • de Havilland C-7A Caribou Vietnam Era transport aircraft. This airplane is on loan from the US Army and is a favorite of many museum patrons. We are aware of a like kind opportunity that could be closer to restoration and flight. Estimated acquisition cost of an additional C-7 is under $40,000 plus later restoration costs.

Land, Hangars and Facilities

In March of 2013, the museum acquired ownership of 20 acres of land adjacent to the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. The property includes 8 very large, 'hangar-sized,' structurally-excellent buildings that, after renovation, will provide in excess of 5 acres (enough space for 250 aircraft) of indoor aircraft display space

Preparation of the property for occupancy, and, relocation of existing museum artifacts and aircraft will necessitate approximately $430,000. Renovation cost for individual buildings will range from $450,000 to $1,000,000 each. Conference facilities and a theatre will be included and might be developed from existing structures. Donations of any amount, or donations in kind (materials, steel sheeting, insulation, use of construction equipment, landscaping equipment and products, and more) are welcome and will accelerate the development of one of the nation's great air and space museums. Memorial buildings and Corporate sponsorships are welcome.

During the process of moving on site and, subsequently, during the long-term process of maintaining the new facility, the museum's equipment needs will range from simple hand tools, to grounds equipment (mower and landscape equipment), to trucks and battery-powered small transport vehicles. For aircraft near and distant transport, the museum needs a dually diesel crew cab pickup truck, trailers, large diesel transport and smaller service truck. Video camera, copier, computers and office equipment are also needed. Please call.

Project Aircraft, Recovery and Documentary Production

  • PBY Catalina. WWII Era. The representative of an estate has offered a possibly-flyable PBY Catalina Search and Rescue airplane to the museum. Cost of initial acquisition and transport to the museum would be approximately $165,000. Restoration costs might be used to prepare and fly, rather than transport, this aircraft to the museum. South America

  • Navy N3N. WWII Era. This aircraft has been converted from a Navy WWII training aircraft to an agricultural spray plane. No agreement has been reached on this aircraft but acquisition and display should be modest. Display would be showing half as a Naval trainer and the opposite side as a sprayer. US

  • Fleet Model 16B Trainer. An excellent example of a WWII era Canadian trainer. Available locally and needs wind damage repair expected to cost $26,000. Repairs for display will cost an additional $7,000 and slightly more to restore as 'airworthy' for flight.

  • P-40 Fighters. WWII Era. Negotiations and recovery for 2 aircraft in Africa and other locations. Cost for the pair of African aircraft is estimated to be $1,200,000.

  • P-51 Mustang. Four aircraft opportunities: (1) transportation cost for 'on loan/display' aircraft estimated at $35,000, (2) complete recovery cost of one aircraft estimated at $55,000, (3) transportation cost of one aircraft damaged during Arctic emergency landing estimated to be $100,000 and (4) recovery and transportation cost of one aircraft with spare parts that was buried in a military base closure estimated to be $50,000. Locations: US, Canada and Arctic.

  • P-38 Fighter. Among two to five opportunities and possibilities: one complete but damaged aircraft for which recovery costs are estimated to be $40,000 and one intact but abandoned aircraft requiring recovery from lake crash site for which costs are estimated to be $40,000. Locations: US, Canada, and Pacific.

  • B-17. One possibility, training loss, US, please call.

  • B-24. Two possibilities, US, please call.

  • UC-78 Bamboo Bomber (trainer), in need of restoration, estimated cost $20,000. US.

  • US GSA civilian and military aircraft for which the museum can bid for on-loan possession or for ownership. Acquisition cost typically run to $5,000 and more with transportation costs ranging from $5,000 to $30,000. Numerous ongoing opportunities.

  • Existing Japanese and Pacific theater WWII aircraft. Museum is working with a historian who has established government relations for proper and documented recovery of various aircraft. Please call.

  • F-4, Cobra helicopter, Loach helicopter, C-130, F-5, Russian aircraft. Museum has existing relationships which would afford museum ownership of these aircraft and others from existing collections and inventories. Please call.


Any ideas, suggestions or donations are welcome. The opportunities listed above provide only a glimpse of opportunities that are available. You are welcome to call at any time to explore these and other opportunities.

Thank you so very much for your time, attention and interest in the Texas Air & Space Museum.

Board and Volunteers of the Texas Air and Space Museum

Ron Fernuik, President